The Ark Encounter

The Ark Encounter

Yesterday I shared details about our trip to The Creation Museum. The Ark Encounter, located in Williamstown, KY, is a sister attraction to the Creation Museum. They actually sell a three-day ticket combo which allows you one day at the Ark and two days at the Creation Museum within a seven-day period. That’s the route we went. One thing you may not realize, however, is the two attractions are about a 45-minute drive apart from one another. Not a problem, but something you’ll want to keep in mind when you plan a trip to the area.

Our first impression of the Ark, which is built to scale based on the dimensions detailed in the Bible – it’s HUGE!!! As we entered the parking lot and rode a bus the mile or so to the Ark, we could see it from a distance and it was big from far away. Then we got close and it was humbling how large it was. Dimensions are roughly 1.5 football fields long and 7 stories tall. The highest point on the bow of the Ark is 10 stories tall. After reading and learning the account of Noah all of my life, nothing really prepared me for the reality of what he built!

As our visit progressed and the reality of it’s size began to sink in, then I naturally was flooded with many questions about how Noah and his family accomplished the building of the Ark, and even more questions about how they managed life on the the Ark, with storms raging and such a large collection of animals to care for. From God’s Word, we know that they did these things somehow, but we don’t learn about all of the details there. The Ark Encounter uses artistic license to depict possibile ways these things took place. 

It is a stunning experience! They demonstrate methods which may have been used for feeding and watering the animals, growing their own food, and disposing of waste. All of these things are shown with life-size models of people and animals, real cages, and sample living quarters. There’s lots more exhibits and topics covered in more traditional museum displays about scientific evidence of the global flood, the rest of the history of God’s people, and many more topics. (Click the images below to view larger versions and visit Google Photos to view the complete collection of images we took.)

Two movies – The Noah Interview and As in the Days of Noah – shown on decks 2 & 3 of the ark were very well done and very impactful. The first “Noah Interview” depicts a Bible times interview of Noah as he is building the Ark by three skeptic and mocking employees of the local “tabloid” newspaper. The second movie depicts the same circumstances, played by the same actors, in modern times. While they bring out the facts about the Ark, the focus of both movies is on the effects of sin and the full and free salvation won for all by Jesus Christ. 

Friends, go and see this place for yourself! It is an awe-inspiring site and a true encouragement to see this type of investment in sharing the truth of the Bible with the world!!

P.S. It’s worth mentioning, the food at both locations was very good! At the Ark, they have a huge buffet that was well worth the price of admission.

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