The Creation Museum

The Creation Museum

Our main goal for traveling to the Cincinnati area was to visit the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY. And if this had been all we had seen in the area we would have called our time there a great success. The museum was really worth the trip!

While I expected there to be a big focus on the six days in which God created the world, the museum went so much further. It was designed a walk through the entire history of the world. There were scenses with life size characters depicting much of Biblical history and explaining how man’s fall into sin after creation was paid for thorugh Christ’s death and resurrection and how we are now reconciled with God and heirs of eternal life. What a joy to see these things shared in such a postive way.

We actually waled through the museum on two different days, just be sure we saw everything. There was much to see! We also walked through the large gardens and visited the petting zoo.

I’m posting a few of the photos we took below. Please click the images to view them larger. The rest of our photos can be viewed in this Google album.

If you have the opportunity, we highly recommend you visit the Creation Museum!


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