8 Things We Did in Cincinnati

8 Things We Did in Cincinnati

We spent three weeks in the Cincinnati area in July. Our main reason for choosing Cincinnati was to see the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. They were both amazing and so worth the trip! I’ll share details on that part of our adventure soon, but this post is dedicated to everything else we did while we were in Cincinnati, which, by the way, was amazing and so worth the trip!

  1. Downtown Cincinnati – Our first weekend in town we ventured into downtown Cincinnati for a fun day and evening. During our drive we saw the beautiful skyline, and the stadiums for the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals.
  2. The Cincinnati Art Museum – The main attraction in downtown Cincinnati was a visiting exhibit – Terracotta Army: Legacy of the First Emperor of China – at the Cincinnati Art Museum. We loved the exhibit and lots more about this museum! To start our visit, we were greeted by a huge Pinnochio.
    We learned so much about the history of China and saw many artifacts from the Qin dynasty, including the stunning Terracotta warriors that were on display. They were from the collection of nearly 8,000 unique life size warriors, charriots, and horses discovered in 1974.

    We enjoyed the rest of the museum collections as well. One of my favorite paintings was “Girl Eating Porridge” by William-Alolphe Bouguereau.
  3. The Dinner Detective murder mystery dinner theater – Our downtown dinner plans were actually across the Ohio river in Covington, Kentucky (although the hotel it was held in was named the “Cincinnati” RiverCenter). It was a fun evening of mystery, intrigue, and a good bit of comedy. The stage was set with fun props for photos.

    Believe it or not, Sallie guessed best and walked away the winner of the evening!
  4. Worship at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church – Our first full weekend in town we attended church at Beautiful Savior.

  5. Fast food treats – We ate some tasty burgers at two resurants that we didn’t have in Minnesota – Steak ‘n Shake & White Castle!
  6. The “Florence Y’all” watertower – Any trip to Cincinnati is sure to have you visiting neighboring towns in both Kentucky and Indiana. I felt right at home because of the friendly greeting painted on the Florence, Kentucky watertower!
    After sharing this photo on Instagram, one person commented that this is the most photographed watertower in America. I think that’s a pretty good thing for a town to be famous for!
  7. Worship at Amazing Grace Lutheran Church – Our second weekend in the Cincinnati area found us worshipping at Amazing Grace.
  8. Indian Springs Campground – Our home during our visit to the Cincinnati area was this small, privately owned campground. It was a perfect location for easy access to everything we wanted to see and do. And it came with some pretty fun amenities as well including friendly ducks, a bicycle built for four, and a great lake view out my office window!

    Mary D and the the Batmobile were very happy at Indian Springs!

Cincinnati was a fun destination and a place we’d love to return to in the future!

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