We’re South Dakotans

We’re South Dakotans

The most common question we get when people find out we are full-time RVers is, “Where do you get your mail?” The answer is, we use a mail service in Sioux Falls, SD called Dakota Post. We have a Personal Mail Box (or PMB in postal lingo) with a regular street address. We even visited our “virtual” home back in June and got to meet the nice folks there.

They have different levels of service, and we are big fans of their Virtual Mailbox. When they receive our mail, they scan the outside of the envelope or magazine and post the image in our virtual mailbox. We log in to see what we’ve received, and if we want to see more, we can request that  particular pieces of mail be opened and scanned. The next day we can log back in and view or download the PDF scan of the entire piece of mail. Whenever we want, we can give them an address to send our mail, and in a few days we receive a package with all of the mail that’s accumulated since the last time we requested it. Campgrounds are more than happy to receive our mail. It’s worked great for us so far!!

Once we answer that burning question, there’s usually a follow up, something like, “Why South Dakota?” We chose South Dakota as our domicile or state of residence because it is near our family and it has no state income tax. Establishing residency in South Dakota only requires proof of one overnight stay in the state every five years (you read that right – one night … every five years)! We spent a night at a campground in Sioux Falls and had our South Dakota drivers licenses plus registered to vote before 8:30 am the next morning (the office opened at 7 am). Since then we’ve completed the required paperwork and received our South Dakota license plates. We’re awaiting our car titles in the mail.

So call us South Dakotans!

Next question?

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    1. Hi Peg!

      It’s great to hear from you, and that’s a great question. We are towing a car. Kevin wanted something small and fun to drive after drivng Mary D, so we settled on a 2016 Hyundai Veloster Turbo. It’s small and fast and very fun! We call it “The Batmobile” because it has two round exhaust pipes. We did our research on tow vehicles (sometimes called “toads”) before we bought. After it was ours, we had to have some major modifications to the front body in order to tow it. Plus we had to buy a brake system for it. All of that would be good stuff to share in a future blog post, so stay tuned for more details!

      Thanks for reading and God’s blessings!!

    1. Hi Mark – Thanks for the question! I’m no tax expert, and tax season will be the time we make final determinations about questions like that, so I guess the verdict is still out. What we understand at this point is as residents of South Dakota, we pay no state income tax. Most RVers choose either South Dakota, Texas, or Florida for their domicile for this reason – those three states have no state income tax. If I set up shop in another state – at a craft or art fair, for instance – the sales I make in that particular state would be taxable there. But I don’t believe the normal work I do is taxable there. As I said, time will tell!

      1. This is complicated to answer and the answer is it “completely depends” on where you have been and who you are working for and being paid by at the time. There is a really good article published on the Xscapers website that addresses this exact question, the key I think to this is maintain a detailed log of where you were working on what dates for when filing taxes. The post: https://www.escapees.com/working-from-your-rv-in-multiple-states-may-affect-how-many-state-income-tax-returns-you-need-to-file/

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