Camping our way across the midwest

Camping our way across the midwest

And just like that, we are about to complete two full months of full time adventures in Mary D the RV. Where did the time go? Well, we have stories to tell, that’s for sure!

One of the constants throughout our travels is the campgrounds we call home. As I write this we are enjoying our 10th campground in one of the 6 states we’ve camped in over the last 2 months. We’ve enjoyed everything from camping right in the middle of busy Sioux Falls to secluded sites in remote wooded state parks. We’ve stayed in some spots for 2 and 3 weeks and in others sites for just an overnight stop while travleing. We’ve had full hookups at some sites and electric only at others (where we rely on our onboard water tank for washing dishes and showering). And we’ve enjoyed a variety of amenities offered by the parks including this very fun bicycle/Flintstone car built for four!

We thought it would be neat to track our campground stays in similiar fashion to the churches where we worship, so we set a page to do just that! Please visit …

Where We’ve Camped

for photos, a map, and a listing of the campgrounds we’ve visited. We plan to update it regularly!

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