Almost visiting North Dakota

Almost visiting North Dakota

Our first RV destination was to the Grand Forks, North Dakota area to be near some of our children. But almost as soon as we arrived in Grand Forks, we left it to camp across the river in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. We were over 300 miles from our former home and less than 100 miles from Canada, but we were still in the same state! We stayed at the Red River State Recreation Area, and had easy access to resturants, movie theater, and North Dakota, all within a mile of the park. But the park design, sets it apart from the busy shops and it was a quite location with extensive sidewalks that connect the area to neighborhoods, parks, and the pedestrian bridge to North Dakota.

We made the most of our time with our children. One night we hosted a campground cookout, complete with s’mores and a fun game of Beamo.

Another night we went down to the river to take a group photo. I’m pretty happy with the results!

We give East Grand Forks two thumbs up!! We enjoyed all it had to offer, but most importantly we enjoyed being near our family for a few weeks!

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  1. That campground is uniquely located in town and close to the river because it was a neighborhood destroyed in the flood and not rebuilt. GF/EGF have done some nice park development in the flood zones. Glad you enjoyed it there!

    1. Hi Linda!! Yes, the park has a really wonderful sign board with all kinds of history regarding the flood in the 90s. There were other sign boards with older history of the area. We enjoyed learning about it! Blessings!!

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