On our way!

On our way!

Our first stop after selling our home and leaving lovely New Ulm, MN was at Kevin’s parents home in Hutchinson, MN. The trip there was actually our first opportunity to pull the Batmobile (our 2016 Veloster Turbo “toad” or tow vehicle), but with all the other excitement and stress of the days leading up to our house closing, we decided to save that first for another day.

Since I brought it up, it’s probably worth noting here how we spent those last few days before our house closing on Friday, June 15. Our oldest son and his lovely bride had a move to make as well. And we were dependent on them taking several of our remaining larger pieces of furniture when they did. Plus Kevin wanted to and they needed him to help with driving their moving van. So on Tuesday the 12th, with the help of many wonderful friends, they loaded their moving van with items form their apartment and our house. Meanwhile I had to drive to Milwaukee for work. They finished up house cleaning and drove to Milwaukee as well on Wednesday. That evening I met up with them, helped with unloading, and enjoyed dinner with family before taking Kevin and Ben back to the hotel with me. I worked on Thursday while they checked out Wisconsin Lutheran College a bit, in prep for Ben attending there this Fall. After I was done with work, we drove back to New Ulm. Whirlwind!! Work up the next morning, parked Mary D at the Fairgrounds one last time so she was out of the way for a few hours, took a few final donations to Treasure Haus, and signed for the sale of our house. While we waited for some final banking transactions to be resolved, we celebrated with luch at Lamplighter, a New Ulm favorite!

So you are all caught up to our crashing and relaxing with Kevin’s parents for a couple of days. And then this happened …

We hooked up the Batmobile.

We said our goodbyes.

And we drove away.

We turned our first corner without any problems.

And we didn’t turn back.

We were really on our way!


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    1. Thanks for your encouragement!! These early days of adjustment have had a few challenges, but also lots of blessings to offset them. We are blessed and under God’s protection in every way!

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