Mary D … Before

Mary D … Before

Mary D joined our family on March 10, 2017. She’s a 34-foot 1996 Tiffin Allegro Bay. She had about 66,000 miles on her when we bought her. And she checked off so many things on our wish list for a motor home. I’d say it was love at first site!

First site

We were actually looking for something to renovate in order to have two office spaces for both Kevin and I to work while we traveled. So the thing we liked immediately was the back bedroom had already been demoed and basic bunk beds were built there. We thought they would be easy to take down and free up ALL THAT SPACE for something completely different!


As for the rest of the interior, we were at first “on the fence” about renovating the front of the rig. One thing we loved about it was the laminate hardwood floors.


It was a nice update done by the previous owners. And it made the front look light and modern (if you can ignore the velour curtains and window valances). We knew if we touched any part of the front, it would likely lead to a full reno. So we took our time, focusing at first only on what we wanted to do to the bedroom. And sitting at her booth dinette to work on projects and eat an occasional meal.


We contemplated what we might do to improve the kitchen …


and the hallway.


We even considered how our lives might be different without that dusty mauve and green bathroom valance which was all the rage in the 90s, I’m sure. The gold bathroom fixtures caused much debate as well.

Bathroom valance

In the end, we decided to go all in on the renovation!!! And Mary D was a hub of activity in the summer of 2017!

More on that later. For now, we’ll just scroll through the pics to catch another glimpse of those amazing window treatments we had to let go!

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