The mountain

The mountain

2018 is here – Happy New Year! This is the year we’ve been dreaming of … the year our location independence life begins!!

People often ask who came up with the idea of living in an RV full-time. I can’t say it was one or the other of us. We’ve actually just known for a long time this is something we wanted to do someday. When our three children were small we’d often tell them that when they had a home of their own they’d each need to have a place for us to park our RV so we could rotate between them. I suppose the someday was connected in my mind with retirement, because that is the way it is typically done.

When we bought our current home about 4.5 years ago, we knew that 2018 may bring change for us. We wanted to stay put until our boys were done with high school. Then we’d figure out what was next for the empty-nesters. At the time, I thought we may relocate, but I didn’t dream it would be to an RV. We’re only in our early 50s and retirement is a ways away.

But the experience of helping my Mom transition from her home of 40+ years to Assisted Living last Spring gave us a new perspective. Her beautiful home held a lifetime of memories and a lifetime of stuff. It was great stuff, near and dear to our hearts in so many ways, but it took the shape of a mountain we had to chisel down to a handful of treasures she could move into her new space. The effort it took to empty her linen closet alone of what seemed like 75 blankets that all had a sentimental story behind them reminded us of our own overstuffed (full of love and memories) linen closet, and we formed a resolve to empty our life of our own collection of things now, rather than later.

That, combined with the blessing of jobs that we do remotely, led us to pursue location independence via full-time RV living NOW!! So after returning from my Mom’s, we bought Mary D. We invested a good bit of sweat equity getting her ready. And we have a target “Go Live” date that is now only 6 months away!! This is getting very real.

But before we pull away from our curb and start our grand adventure, we have to climb our own LARGE mountain.


It’s our turn to downsize our stuff. We have to empty our home and sell it. And it’s not just our home. It was our children’s home, so they have to make decisions on their childhood things as well. What will they take to their own homes? What will they say good bye to?

We just wrapped up our last Christmas celebration in this home, and a part of our time together was dedicated to these types of decisions. Over 35 pounds of Legos, plus books, movies, computers, crafts, games, and more filled boxes and were packed into cars. Some things made their way into garbage bags as well. What’s left will be donated. A great first step up the mountain, but we have a long way to go.

And we feel … thankful for the blessings, emotional to close this chapter of our lives and let things go, free!

I’ll keep you updated on our trek to the summit (June 30)!

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